I have always believed it is important to be independent and handle your own problems. Isn’t seeking out therapy a sign of weakness?

Not at all, for it takes courage to seek support.

What is the difference between talking to my best friend and a therapist?

The difference is that a therapist is an unbiased professional who has the training and experience to provide tools for healing as well as growth. In addition, therapy is confidential.

How long are therapy sessions?

Each therapy session is 50 minutes in length and premarital PREPARE-ENRICH sessions are 60 minutes in length. Extended sessions such as a double (100 minute) session is available upon request when scheduling an appointment.

What can I expect from the first session?

During the first session, the therapist will obtain a brief history and discuss a goal-oriented treatment plan.

How can I determine if therapy is working?

The degree of improvements as well as the length of sessions varies as each client has different needs. Therapy ends when the client’s treatment goals are completed.

Are there any types of clients that Oasis Counseling Services does not work with?

At this time, we are not accepting services for anyone in need of intensive outpatient services. In addition, we only offer therapy to clients located in the states of New York and Florida, where the therapist is licensed.

Is medication prescription part of treatment?

We do not prescribe medication. Please see a psychiatrist or a medical doctor for medication management.